Brass or stainless steel bodies housing a proprietary mix of eutectic alloys allowing the safe controlled release of pressure in the presence of excess heat.

Fusible Plugs are thermally operated non-reclosing pressure relief devices to function by the yielding or melting of the fusible alloy.

·       Corrosion resistant construction and available in brass or stainless steel

·       Fusible Plugs are limited to be used in applications where the service pressure does not exceed 500 psig (3,440 kPa)

·       Fusible Plugs do not protect against overpressure from improper charging practices

·       Underwriters Laboratories listed and approved as Fusible Plugs, Refrigerant. Globe recommends where Fusible Plugs are installed in an atmosphere which can cause stress/strains or corrosion of surfaces, the plugs be examined annually and replaced if evidence of corrosion or stress/strain is evident.

·       Used For Fire Protection

·       Mechanical Heat Activated Device

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