Fire Suppression systems

A message from Globe Technologies Corporation:

Recently there has been a communication bulletin issued by a certain manufacturer concerning “Third-Party Components” being installed or used as replacement parts in Fire Suppression Systems. This bulletin has caused confusion and prompted phone calls from our business partners as to the accepted and approved use of Globe Fusible Links.

The facts are as follows:

·        The Globe ML and K Link are authorised for use in Fire Suppression Systems

·        Globe Fusible Links are specifically called out in the Design, Installation, and Maintenance Manuals of each manufacturer

·        Globe Fusible Links are NOT "Third-Party". The ML and K Links are an "AUTHORISED & RECOGNISED COMPONENT" for detection in fire       suppression systems

·        Globe Fusible Links are independently listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use in this application.

·        Globe ML and K Links for many years have been the link of choice by all Fire Suppression System Manufacturers

·        Globe exceeds UL33 testing requirements

·        Globe Links are warranted in all Systems