Fusible links are temperature sensitive release mechanisms designed to be part of a variety of fire protection systems. The system is activated when the ambient temperature increases to the point that causes the eutectic alloy in the fusible link to melt and release the pre-loaded fire protection device, thus restricting the spread of fire or smoke, or release pressurised gas or liquid. The melting point of the alloy can be engineered to release at temperatures ranging from 135F/57C to 500F/260C.

The products we supply comply with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Factory Mutual Research Corporation and NFPA Requirements. With fusing temperatures from 135° F to 500° F and all industry standard load ratings.



On September 29, 1999 Globe Technologies Corporation achieved its goal of ISO 9001 registration from Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This registration solidifies their commitment to you, the customer, to manufacture the highest quality fusible links and plugs with exceptional customer service.

The Globe Technologies facility has been registered by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9000 Series Standards for quality.


Which Link?

Globe links have been specified as original equipment in fire dampers, fire doors, vents and fire suppression systems for over 30 years. You can be assured that Globe products can be used safely as replacements for failed links, or during routine service, provided that the critical factors of: a) temperature and b) load rating are adhered to.

Check the temperature rating of the link you are replacing; this will have been specified by the system engineers to provide a suitable release temperature but also to ensure that the link will not be affected by the conditions to which it is exposed. The table below provides details of the recommended link ratings for different ambient temperatures.

The link needs to be held under longitudinal tension to operate correctly. The minimum and maximum operating tension of all Globe links can be found within the technical specification page of each link.

The length of a link can be safely extended by means of a mechanical attachment, provided that the tension on the link continues to be applied along its length and that the attachment does not damage the link in any way. Globe models JS and GS, are supplied as standard with Clover Hooks to safely extend their operating length.